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Contribution of Mother’s Genes to a Child

When a child is born we are all eyes for its inherited characteristics and we just can’t stop mulling over the qualities which the child inherits from his mum and dad. And we also have outpourings from friends and family members, who keep making us jealous over that single most important credit that goes to the parent. But nevertheless, we always feel proud of all the good traits that our kids inherit from us, irrespective of the fact whether it’s from the mother or the father.

Now we’re about to look into an interesting fact about a child’s genetic makeup that’s making a buzz in the research field. According to research concluded in genetics, a mother’s genes determines the intelligence level of the kids.

There’s a category of genes known as conditioned genes that come from the mother. After a laboratory test was conducted on mice, it was found that those with an additional dosage of maternal genes had bigger brains and smaller bodies, while those with more paternal genes had smaller brains. The scientists conducted an in-depth analysis of the maternal and paternal genes present in six different regions of the mouse’s brains.

The scientists found out that paternal genes present in the limbic system controlled characteristics like sex, hunger and aggression. Whereas the maternal genes present in the cerebral cortex controlled cognitive functions like reasoning, thoughts, language and planning. However the research also concluded that genetics is not the only determinant of intelligence, it constitutes only 40% to 50 % and the rest is an influence of the environment. Also, the secure bonding between the mother and the child also helps in shaping up the intelligence of the child to a great extent. But since you’re ultimately a product of both the parents so who should not undermine your father’s efforts!

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