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Why is Education Important for Children in Rural Areas

Education is the most important tool for the kids of a nation. Without literacy and advanced education a growth of a nation is impossible, especially in a vast country like ours where people huddle for every inch of space. There is scarcity of water, electricity, roads and proper buildings in many of the remote regions. In some arid regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat there is no rainfall and any possibility of agriculture. In such areas people live in hand to mouth conditions. People struggle even for every single meal and they don’t even have proper clothes to wear.

Think about people who are unable to break the barriers of their traditional occupations like farming, cattle breeding, mining, fishing or weaving. Why should a weaver’s son only grow up to become a weaver and nothing else. Isn’t it unfair for him as well as the country he’s a citizen of. But even if he wants to pursue a profession that’s unconventional, he’ll need help and resources to do so. We at Shift have designed innovative plans and opportunities for such kids who have to and need to break the norms. It’s a major paradigm shift for such kids to dream it big in this world. And we are here to write for them a brand new future in pink.

We give them books and stationery with your support in an amount as little as Rs.10/-. We collaborate with couriers and publishers who directly supply the items to the school authorities and the respective kids who are interested in going to school. We bring smiles back to these bright kids who have lot of potential hidden in them.

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