“Education is a vaccine for violence.”

Shift2Happiness works for uplifting the underprivileged. To better all our future we must make our weak stronger. We focus on the following areas:


Illiteracy is the biggest issue in the underprivileged part of our society. Hence our Preferred Focus Area is to work is on educating not only the children but also the elders and the old. We know the reasons of low literacy or illiteracy is because of unaffordability, unavailability and unawareness of importance of education.

We look forward to bring awareness in those areas by doing awareness programs in the way by which they get to know the importance of education. We show them how the world is growing and the advantages people are reaping only because of better education, knowledge and skills.

Our aim is to provide them with the school and schooling material. We also keep a close watch on their progress so that we can make the necessary adjustments & motivations to make sure that success is achieved with all that want to really learn and get educated. For remote places where availability of school is the issue we provide them, with the boarding facility, food and transportation to and from a nearby town/city.


Unhealthy life is a major issue in underprivileged society, hence it is very important to focus on the issue of health. The reasons for this issue are:

  • Lack of knowledge about healthy food.
  • Lack of knowledge about primary diseases.
  • Unavailability of healthcare facilities nearby.
  • Unable to afford proper healthcare and/or a hygenic household.
  • Addiction.

To overcome the above issues we orchestrate awareness programs to make entire communities aware of the dangers of unhygienic environments, proper care of health and the ills of addiction. We conduct dissemination of knowledge programs about healthy food and primary diseases. We also run programs to overcome issues of availability and affordability of healthcare facilities and medicines.

Save & Educate the Girl Child

According to Child Sex Ratio (CRS) in India females are less than males and the CRS ratio is dropping every year. Importantly, the females literacy ratio is far less than males literacy ratio. This clearly shows that male children are more preferred then female children. This, almost a general, mentality is seen more especially in underprivileged part of our society. We look forward to the girl child’s basic rights to education, self respect and protection.

We provide special scholarships to females and encourage them to prove themselves to the platforms they are specialized in. We educate and encourage their parents about the advantages of education, progress, equal opportunities and basic female rights as defined by the constitution.

Hygiene & Cleanliness


Animal Health & Welfare