“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”

Shift2Happiness believes that corporates can play a vital role towards the cause of education of children, upliftment of underprivileged communities and equal women rights.

We work closely with corporates, including multinational corporations, public sector units, financial institutions and small to medium sized businesses to develop partnerships which intersect with our philosophy and priorities.

The Companies Act’s focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides an opportunities to a company to play a vital role in helping to further the cause of education and equal rights. Our corporate partnerships are aligned to a company’s CSR policy, marketing and communications strategies.

Shift2Happiness offers communication support to corporate organizations through its national network, website, newsletters and social media. We are committed to help businesses make the best of these opportunities to build a world is promising and fair for all.


Associate with us

Shift2Happiness provides various ways through which your corporation can collaborate with us to create lasting impact. We believe that each opportunity is unique and therefore works closely with corporate to customize every program. Corporates can choose to create a customized program that fits their objectives or participate partially in our existing programs.

To learn more please feel free to contact us at shiftcharities@gmail.com or Mr. Mistry at +91 886688 6639

Please note the differentiation between Charity & CSR:

Charity CSR
Can be done by an individual or a company Can only be done by a company/organization
The funds/goods are given to an end user and the giving stops at that level The funds/goods given to the end user are usually the beginning of the project which empowers them to make a significant change in their life
The funds/goods are given for the individual needs of an organization or person The funds/goods need to be given to the community  instead of an individual
Charitable giving requires no follow up or accountability CSR is giving with the responsibility of monitoring the progress of where the funds/goods were invested and the results