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A Massive Educational Drive In Jaisalmer and Surrounding Districts





5,890,000.00 Goal

2 Funders

2 Funders


 5,890,000.00   Goal

A movement to provide schooling, boarding and other educational facilities to underprivileged children from remote villages of Jaisalmer. To hone these children for a better future and give them opportunities to build their respective villages.

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Campaign Creator

Name: Shift Charitable Trust
Nick Name: rakshya


Young Girls of Jakab Fakir Whose Parents are Eagerly Waiting to Educate Them

Rajasthan bears the pride of its rich cultural heritage. But even though it may be shining bright on its cultural side, not all is sunshine and hay within its sun kissed sand dunes.

Tourism is one of the pivotal profit making business in Rajasthan and talking of tourism Jaisalmer is one of the hot spots which attracts hordes of tourists from different corners of the globe. One of the vital concerns haunting this region is the lack of education in its remote areas. More and more people in this vast region are losing hope over their existence, as they still depend on conventional mode of survival, lacking educational awareness that could  initiate a huge paradigm shift and boost growth prospects.

Jaiselmer district has 3 Tehsils which includes Jaiselmer Tehsil which has 300+ villages. Out of them 84 villages have a  population below 100 of which 44 villages have 0% literacy.

Villages in Jaisalmer tehsil, especially near border areas, are very low in literacy ratio. In some villages literacy rates are as low as 0% and they don’t have any solid source of income in those areas.

The city of Jaisalmer being one of the prime tourist attractions is yet to see the dawn of development, with a large percentile of the population mostly relying on cattle farming as a major source of income.

Most of the people living in these villages are bound by their traditional occupation as tourist guides, cattle farmers, camel safaris or civil labours. Though the city has a number of government schools with children willing to learn, but they are not motivated enough to finish school, leading to a large number of drop outs.

With a situation as critical as the above, it became extremely necessary for us to start an education program in the area, which spreads the words of literacy and the importance of knowledge for a bright and better future. To be more specific about our cause let’s take a look at the conditions of few of the villages which came under the target area of our campaign.

Jakab Fakir ki Dhani a Remote Village in Jaisalmer

  • Jakab fakir ki dhani is a small village located 55 kms away from Jaisalmer. There are 70 houses in this village without a single school. The nearest school from Jakab fakir ki dhani is in Sam, a village 10 kms away.

Sam is a tourist place located at 45 kms from Jaisalmer, with tourists flocking to enjoy the     trails of the majestic Thar Desert.

People in Jakab fakir ki dhani are mainly into civil labor work, camel safaris, labor camps   and business related to tourism.  People are very much inclined to get educated in this region due to its exposure to tourism and its profits. However, with lower income rates most people can’t afford education in Sam and those who can, are sending their children to neighboring villages. And due to absence of transportation most of the children are staying at home.

During our visits we realized that the parents in this village want their children to get educated but are facing the crisis of non-availability and affordability of transport.

The Humble Village of Gajesingh where the Elderly Want to Educate Their Children

  • The beautiful and tiny village of Gajesingh ki Dhani is tucked away within the sand dunes of the Thar Desert about 140 km from Jaisalmer.

People in this village are completely dependent on animal husbandry. The village is very close to the Pakistan border and is considered a sensitive region by the BSF (Border Security Force) thus controlled completed by the Indian Armed Forces. Since the region is in the middle of the Thar Desert the land is not suitable for most types of farming or plantation. More importantly the land in that area cannot be owned for farming purposes – plots of land are allotted by the Armed Forces to develop basic necessities and shelter. Because of such harsh conditions population in this village is very low.

An Abandoned School in Sadewala which Speaks of Shattered Dreams

  • Sadewala is a small and beautiful village 150 kms from Jaisalmer and close to the border of Pakistan. This place has a historic significance, as it came under the radar of Indo-Pak war in 1965.

People in this area are mainly dependent on cattle farming but due to barrenness of the land, it is improper for agriculture. This land is under the scrutiny of BSF forces and the government officials.  Some part of land in this area has been allotted for shelter, but it still evades any major development.

A Family in Sadewala Struggling for Basic Amenities but are Very Keen on Educating their Children

The village has only 15 houses in it without any basic amenities as yet. In order to meet their daily needs people need to travel minimum of 25 to 85 kms from the village. There was a small government school in the village which has been closed.  Now even the nearest government school is 25 kms away, which cannot be reached availing to lack of transport.  The school has only one teacher which is not enough for all the school children.

With respect to all the issues mentioned above Shift has launched a massive consolidated educational campaign to revamp the future of these underprivileged kids in Jaisalmer and the small hamlets around it.

The Village Dwellers of Tanot Carrying out Their Daily Chores

Though the drive has many villages that fall in its ambit, we will start with the first three i.e Gajesingh ki Dhani, Jakab Fakir ki Dhani, Tanot and Sadewala, to spread the noble cause.

Young Children of Tanot Wait Their Turn for Clothes to be Handed Down from Their Older Siblings

It has a target amount of Rs.58,90,000 to be raised through funds for the welfare of these poor kids.

Shift began its wonderful journey of lending educational support to these rural kids by making the village of Sam as the heart of its campaign.

Our organization took the entire bulk responsibility of rehabilitation of 100 rural kids and arranged for their boarding and lodging, transport facilities, school fees, books and miscellaneous items at Sam Public School in Jaisalmer.

The volunteers from Shift will personally reach the school and fulfill the daily needs of 100 school kids enrolled in the school under this brilliant campaign with utmost care and promptness. We have a large target to cover however in this year our motive is to target 100 children and give them proper education and facilities which would aide them in becoming independent.

We enable family visits to their kids from different parts of Jaisalmer and surrounding villages. This entire drive targets an amount which will be spent on the children’s education plus cost of the trust’s operations and marketing expenses.

Shift will also maintain a constant record of the progress of these kids and addressing their daily needs, so that they do not deviate from this path to receive education, under any circumstances.


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