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2 Funders


A determined effort to educate and improve the health of underprivileged children, men and women from remote rural areas and abandoned animals.

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Why Trust our Trust

For years our members have been selflessly helping the poor and needy in every possible occasion of our lives. Sometimes we don’t even wait for a special day to bring a smile on someone’s face, we just go ahead and donate. Contributing and serving has become a habit for us by now. It has become such a special part of our lives, that it did not cross our minds to capture those moments or showcase, any of those social practices we did in the past for others to see.

Whether it was sharing biscuits to orphans, feeding food and counselling juvenile women prisoners, contributing towards medical needs of abandoned animals or simply funding educationally and medically challenged villagers, we realized that there was always room for more to be done. And after toiling and struggling in many ways, we finally established SHIFT so that it could DO MORE with the support of similar minds like ours.

We believe that every contributor is our hero and that we will maintain and provide record of every paisa that is given to us because your contribution is our responsibility.

Our Entertainment During one of our Visits to the Villages


We have pledged to work towards education, women’s health, animal welfare and medically challenged people. Currently we are focused on educating underprivileged children from extremely remote villages of Jaisalmer. Why did this thought cross our mind? Well our Trustees originally belong to various towns of Rajasthan.

In their first social visit to villages located in the BSF areas, our members saw that those places needed serious attention from the outside world. The people were very enthusiastic towards educating their children and they proactively shared their needs and belief on the same. However, there were no resources to implement their thoughts and it was not possible to achieve anything from an individual level. Therefore, we created the cause ‘A Massive Educational Drive In Jaisalmer and Surrounding districts’ and a microfunding effort called ‘Fulfilling Serious Dreams’, where 80% of the donations will be used directly on educating children of these dire villages.

Help these Children to Fulfill their Dreams

What is ‘Donate Directly’ and how it works

If you want to donate, but don’t have a clue where to, then this is the best way to make your contribution. We created this option so that your funds could be used in the causes which need them the most.

How it works is, every rupee that you donate is deposited in our trust accounts and is used for a cause. When you donate, we will give you a legal receipt and send you details of your deposit onto our account. When your contribution is utilized for a cause, we will send you the details of where it was used and the progress report of the same.

You are more than welcome to participate as volunteers in our camps and periodical visits to these villages. By doing so, you will get to experience the touristy amazing Rajasthan and the needy deprived Rajasthan. Give your short holidays a meaning and bring a smile of content in you. Think about it, it’s worth the effort.