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2,000,000.00 Goal

2 Funders

2 Funders


 2,000,000.00   Goal

Microfunding, a new approach for contributing towards educating underprivileged children in rural Jaisalmer.

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Name: Shift Charitable Trust
Nick Name: rakshya


Children of Jakab Fakir who can be Helped in Getting Education through this Microfunding Effort

There are many of us who have been blessed with abundance of luxury and wealth. Keeping with the laws of nature, some of them are generous enough to donate part of their wealth to the poor and the needy. However, there are many underprivileged kids and folk, who live at nature’s mercy and don’t have even the minutest amenities to take care of themselves. They are left to die in shattered and battered conditions and are often victims of heinous crimes.

The most harm is caused, inevitably to the kids, who’re innocent and helpless in the hands of destiny. Leave aside education these poor kids are deprived even of a bite size morsel to fulfill their hunger. Looking at their dire conditions we are forced to ponder, why education is important for kids in rural areas?.

Imagine life with or without education, and the heaven and earth difference it can make in the lives of the underprivileged. Education is the only way these children can overcome their dire conditions of suffering and survive in today’s modern world.

An educated child holds a great future for the country and he or she can be the path breaker for millions of us. However, an educated ‘underprivileged’ child, can double the existing impact of the country’s growth.

We at Shift are spearheading a huge drive of microfunding, where people can donate an amount as little as Rs.10 to enlighten the lives of children who are living in remote areas of Jaisalmer district. We believe that every possible help can be counted and contributed towards the future of these underprivileged children. You can choose the item and amount of donation which are as follows:

Rs. 20 for a Notebook

Rs. 10 for 2 Pens

Rs. 10 for 2 Pencils

Rs. 20 for a Compass box

These small items which seem affordable to you, are not affordable to many such impoverished kids, whose journey to school is miles long and many of them can’t even dream of the bare minimum necessities that you are grateful for. The statistics of schools with shortage of stationary is alarming.

They live under tin sheds of thatched roofs, saving themselves from sweltering heat of the desert, clothe less, shelter less, against all odds that life and nature and shoved upon them.

Villagers of Tanot Live in Dire States in Extreme Climatic Conditions

Inspite of government schools making landmarks in the rural Gujarat and Rajasthan,

In this mammoth campaign every amount counts as a drop in the ocean, in a run up for the massive target amount of 20,00,000. And Shift pledges to achieve that in no time in favor of all these innocent kids who have their sliver streak hidden in our educational promotion. Who knows? There may be a scientists, doctors, musicians or leaders amongst these underprivileged kids, who can climb mountains if they get adequate support and resources from us.

We at Shift collaborate with different couriers, publishers and stationery services who with the help of our volunteers, reach the schools in villages and distribute them the stuff.

As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child, Shift makes the dream come true for these poor kids who are left in lurch and who wish to fulfill their dreams against all odds.

For donors to believe that their money is reaching the right spot, we maintain a register of all the children who were helped during this stationery to educate drive. Donors may ask for a copy of the registry any time to see when and where the impact was made.  With these kids, we can look forward to the growth of a country-an educated India means a wealthier you. An educated India is a richer India.  It costs you absolutely nothing to come forward and join hands and support the downtrodden kids of rural Gujarat and Rajasthan with Shift. Come! Embark on a journey and feeling of giving hope and future to a child. Make a difference and enlighten the minds and future of these children!



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