Life always seems too cruel and uncompromising to us. We strive to get every bit of food, water and fortune to make a living. In today’s rat races, people will put in a surprising amount of effort to something only so that their side of the lucky coin falls flat. There are learned, well-spoken people from rich families, who have family problems and disputes. Then there are the struggling, unpaid people who have financial problems.

Education is a valuable asset and handy tool in our ruthless world of dirty tricks played off by people fighting for a larger share of leisure. You never know when that scientific law you learnt once might help you to pick a lock later when you can’t find your keys. Say, you were never educated. While life isn’t impossible without education, it’s a rougher fight. While education helps you learn about basic things, it also helps to shape your character and personality. It teaches you to face things you never thought you’d be able to face. You pick up unexpectedly useful things which you can rule out later on in life.

Now, if you never went through the process of schooling, books, writing and recollecting information, there would be many downs in life. You wouldn’t be able to overcome thoughts, fears and even places which you forbid yourself from approaching. But with the unusual power of books, education, learning, thinking and interpretation you can reach untold places. So be thankful that you were lucky enough to be presented with the fruit of education. Be happy that you could learn more about the universe, the place you live in. Even if depression strikes, you can find ways to cope with it.

Be glad that you were one of the people entrusted with the gift of learning, of the many billion people in the world. Of the many billions in our Earth, millions have no access to pursuing a career through professional education.