An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.

Our mission is to work for underprivileged with our core focus areas of work being education, health, female equality, hygiene and animal welfare. Our goal is to work for the entire nation.

After studying data in Gujarat and Rajasthan we choose to start our work with places where it was very important and the places needed to be taken care in priority. We have studied many villages in-person where there are no sources of education and are completely cutoff from the organized world. We have visited many villages where there are no shops, schools or even a basic healthcare facility for first aid. These remote villages desperately need primary human needs a proper source for basic needs of life. We felt that these remote villages in Rajsthan and Gujarat should be taken care of first. Our search for the next village to uplift is on going and hope to make an impact all across the country.

Jaisalmer District, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is third lowest in literacy ratio. Jaisalmer is lowest in density and extremely low in literacy ratio.

Population 669,919
Male Literacy Rate 72.04%
Female Literacy Rate 39.71%
Child Sex Ratio 874 females against 1,000 males
Overall Sex Ration 852 females against 1,000 males
Population per Sq. KM 17 Humans
Proportian of State’s Population 0.98%


Jaisalmer has the lowest population density rate of Rajasthan. There are three Tehsils in Jaisalmer district namely Jaisalmer, Pokran and Fatehgarh. Out of these Jaisalmer is lowest in literacy and population density. There are total 338 villages and municipality town in Jaisalmer Tehsil. Total population of the Jaisalmer Tehsil is 265,237. Out of which urban population is 65,471 and the rural population is 199,766. While going through the data we have seen there are 84 villages which are below total population of 100 humans per village – out of which 44 villages are with 0% literacy ratio.

Vadodara District (Vaghodia, Dabhoi), Gujarat